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WHEN I THOUGHT OF BRINGING ALONG MELISSA ALONG WITH IMAN to bait us a guy for Matt...I knew that things were going to get out of hand. We came across Phillips and decided that he would be our man. After a bit of persuasion vis-a-vis Iman AND Melissa flashing him their tits...he got into the van. Stupid Puts...I almost felt sorry for him...NOT! Anyways, the girls wasted no time in getting him into position for Matt to do his thing. He honestly thought that he was gonna be fucking both of my certified ho's.....what an asshole! Then again..that's probably what he was thinking when he realized he was gonna fuck Matt instead. This shoot was great....the fucker never saw it coming...but that didn't stop him from using Matt's ass as a theme park. Stupid fucks and willing assholes like Matt make for great footage...Enjoy! The Dirty One... see it for yourself. Sit back, and watch a bit of van butt blasting.

The Downright Dirty One.

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