Masturbation Station – Riley Mitchel -amp; Colby Tucker

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Co-workers Colby Tucker and Riley Mitchel get nominated by their boss as the first two guys to break in the new 'Masturbation Station' at work. The guys are offered a $300 bonus from their boss to whomever can cum first. Colby is shy at first so Riley takes the lead towards the bonus and whips out his cock and tells Colby to get on his knees and suck it. Colby gobbles it down his throat, eager to get every inch he can cram inside his mouth. Colby knows he wants Riley's raw cock deep in his ass and gets his co-worker throbbing hard, so he can bend over to let Riley have his way. Riley gives the stud what he needs and slides his swollen bare cock all the way in to the base. Colby moans out as Riley pumps away, picking up the pace as he continues drilling his ass bareback from behind. Colby wants Riley's pole deeper in his crack and hops on to ride it his way. Colby's eyes roll back as Riley's thick meat keeps sliding in and out of his ass. Switching it up one more time, Colby rolls onto his back to let Riley pound away on his ass. That's all it takes for Riley to bust his load all over Colby's balls and taint before his slams his cock back inside Colby's used-up hole. With cum dripping from his ass, Colby jacks his meat and blasts his own load all over himself. Who deserves the bonus money now?

Jordan & Rod

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Rod has a bit of reputation in the league for fraternizing with the visiting teams. He loves finding secluded spots after games to fool around with his sexy, heated opponents. His coach, Jordan, however, is not having it.

He follows his player to one of these private rendezvous spots, finding him ready and willing to suck the cock of whoever shows up. Frustrated, he has his young slut player service him instead! The handsome coach whips out his big cock and teaches his player that he needs to be a real man by tasting one in his mouth!

Rod's eyes widen seeing his coach's monster meat, but couldn't be happier swallowing it down and submitting to him! With his piece sufficiently hard, coach Jordan shows him just who's in charge by bending his player over and fucks his tight hole.

Handpacked III: Jampacked – Xavier Vitale -amp; Ruben D’Angelo -amp; Kent North -amp; Danny Vox

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Pretty Boy Kent North shows up in a sex club Internet cafe and picks up mustachioed Ruben D'Angelo. They head off to a playroom in the dark recesses of the club and before you can say 'dildo,' Kent has his pants off and is bent over showing off his lily-white ass to Ruben. He hungrily tongues his hole in preparation for a huge 18-inch torpedo used to warm up his ass. Then, with a hefty dose of fuck cream, Ruben slides his gloved mitts into the stud and immediately starts to punch-fuck the hell out of him. The duo understandably attracts a few curious voyeurs from the club. Xavier Vitale, a smooth, short, stocky pig with big legs and one hell of a round ass, immediately gets in on the fist fest, bending over to be gut-checked by Darien Shaw. The foursome line up for a filthy arm chain you just got to see!

XXX Fit – JJ Knight -amp; Grant Ryan

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Grant Ryan can't help but notice that JJ Knight is working out with a massive boner. Grant needs a spot and recruits JJ to help him lift. With every squat that Grant does, JJ's massive cock rubs against Grant's ass. JJ can see that Grant is ready for some cardio and helps the stud out of his shorts. Grant doesn't waste a second getting JJ's hard cock all the way down his throat and works it over until JJ is throbbing and ready for more. JJ bends Grant over on the mat and rims his ass until the stud is opened up and begging for JJ to be inside him. JJ gives Grant what he desires and slips his thick dick deep into Grant's eager hole. He pounds away as Grant demands JJ go deeper and harder. Grant loves riding a nice dick and rolls JJ over onto his back. Grant straddles him and rides the thick dick in and out of his tight, warm hole. He keeps riding up and down until he dumps his load all over JJ's tight, hard abs. When JJ sees the mess that Grant has made, he pulls out and points his dick at Grant's face. It's a gigantic load that never seems to stop as JJ moans out in ecstasy while Grant laps up what lands on his face.

Heath Bridges & Jack Hunter BAREBACK in Pittsburgh

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Heath stud beams as he strokes Jack's arm, coyly smiling his way through Jason's questions before getting his first taste of Heath's lips. The two passionately kiss and caress each other's smooth bodies before Heath takes Jack's massive cock in his mouth. He may be a first-timer on camera, but he knows his way around a huge dick! Jack follows up by devouring Heath's member, getting it hard and wet for his tight hole. When Heath gets his raw cock between Jack's cheeks, the young top pounds away at his prostate with precision, bringing Jack closer and closer to the edge before busting his load all over his backside!

Skuff: Rough Trade 1 – Sebastian Kross -amp; Griffin Barrows

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Crackling leather stretches against the muscled bodies of Sebastian Kross and Griffin Barrows. Naked but for his Rough Trade black three-point harness, Griffin sinks to his knees and swallows every inch of Sebastian's huge cock. Griffin's deep throating fetish takes center stage as strings of saliva drip to the floor as Sebastian facefucks Griffin's wet, eager mouth. Griffin reclines on a fuck bench and leans his head back, opening his mouth to receive Sebastian's member. Grabbing Griffin's harness, Sebastian rams his lengthy dick all the way down Griffin's throat, his balls slapping against Griffin's face with each vigorous pump. After nearly 10 minutes of taking Sebastian's thick and long cock down his throat, Griffin's so turned on that he turns around and offers up his butt. Sebastian parts Griffin's ass cheeks and dives in tongue first. He spits on Griffin's hole, then uses his tongue to drive his saliva down Griffin's fuck chute. Spit drips from Griffin's hole down his smooth nut sack as Sebastian plays with the sensitive head of Griffin's swollen, throbbing cock. With Griffin's hole lubed and ready to get fucked, Sebastian lays down flat on the bench. Griffin lowers himself down and uses his beefy legs to ride Sebastian's rod. As Sebastian picks up speed, his huge, low-hanging nuts swing back and forth through the air with wet slaps. Griffin's hole stretches wide as Sebastian's cock drives deeper inside. Sweat drips from both their bodies as they move to a sling. Ramming his meat into Griffin, Sebastian produces primal moans from the insatiable bottom. As Sebastian pummels Griffin's prostate, Griffin reaches an incredible climax, blasting his torso with giant gobs of cum. Sebastian shoots his load on Griffin's ass, then scoops it up and feeds it to him, capping it off with passionate kissing.

Sensuous Master, Part 2

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The Master introduces the boy to his electro torment toy. Attaching the wires to his nipples and balls. A fun time is had by all as the boy struggles to get away from the machine but the ropes hold firm.

Get Hard for Me, Part 7

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When the Master tires of the whip he shows the boy the sensual side of playing with sharp and pointy things. The sensations certainly elicit a reaction! After giving the boy a rest, or maybe just the opportunity to ponder his future, the Master takes him down and leashing his pet leads him across the dungeon to whatever his mind dreams up next.

First Date Prep, Part 1

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When getting ready for his first date with a guy the boy asks for help. He gets helped out of his clothes and the lessons begin. Starting with a kiss and some throat fucking the prep continues.

Raw Construction – Derek Bolt -amp; Jay Landford

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Derek Bolt is giving Jay Landford a tour of his new home that's still under construction. When Derek mentions that Jay will be able to 'fit all his junk' in the master closet, Jay gets distracted and can only think of Derek's big ass. Derek is open to Jay's advances and soon both studs are getting undressed in the middle of the construction zone. Derek is the first to cave to his desires and drops down to suck on Jay's monster uncut cock. Derek can't get enough of the thick meat and would be content to suck it all day long if his ass didn't need a raw dick so bad. Derek urgently bends over the work bench and arches his back to give Jay full access to his hole. Jay slips his bare dick in and pounds hard as Derek moans out with each thrust from Jay's swollen cock. The studs switch it up a few times before settling back on Jay mounting up from behind one last time. With a few final thrusts of his giant dick, Jay cums all over Derek's bubble butt and shoves the jizz inside to continue fucking the construction worker all the way to the end. With his ass full of cum, Derek is ready to blow and turns around to shoot his load all over the floor.

Jackson & Wyatt

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Wyatt is a sweet, boy-next-door bottom, filming his first shoot ever! The excitement and nerves are adorable as scruffy daddy top Jackson eases him into his first time on camera. Wyatt begins by taking off the handsome, older man's clothes, worshiping his feet before moving up to his cock. Jackson holds the boy's head in his hands as he pumps his thick cock into his eager mouth, pleased to see some real talent in the young lad. While his energy is unbeatable, he knows he needs a good firm hand and a spanking to get him ready to be fucked! With the boy's ass reddened by his hand, Jackson bends him over on all fours and penetrates his young hole deep and hard!

Johnny V & Griffin Barrows

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We love us some Griffin Barrows and he loves having a big dick in his ass so we both win. This time, Griffin and Johnny V pair up for some sweaty muscle worship and fucking. Johnny rarely gets to top, but he does it very well and devours Griffin's tight hole before filling it with his monster cock. Of course Johnny face-fucks Griffin first because he craves that. Griffin moans and completely gives in to Johnny and his pounding from behind until Johnny makes him ride his cock until he blows. Then Johnny feeds his own load to Griffin.